We are a 3-6 month sober living home and discourage short term stays.

FEES: Our program fees are $450.00 a month.  At this time we are unable to accept those who cannot pay the fee and are unable to work.  As time progresses, we may be able to help in that way, but not at this time.  If you cannot afford to pay, but are able to work, we will give you 15-30 days to find a job working at least 30 hours per week, at which time you will get caught up on fees first before any other new expenditures or savings.

FOOD:  You will be expected to purchase, cook and clean up your own food.  If you need food stamps, we encourage you to apply.  There will be some food that is open to everyone if you do not have the means to get your own food. We will offer transportation to the grocery store once a week.  You must spend your own food stamps for your own needs if you have them.

CHURCH: An Evangelical Christian church will be offered for attendance on Saturday night or Sunday, but the Evangelical Church where you attend is your choice.  More attendance is also permitted as long as it does not interfere with other scheduled activities.  Transportation to church will be on your own unless the house manager is able to provide transportation.  This is a good time to find a mentor or meet new friends.

TRANSPORTATION:  You are responsible for your own transportation.  There is very little parking at the home, so automobiles are discouraged.  Automobiles are also discouraged because they are very costly and can interfere with your focus.  The bus goes very close to the home.  Getting a bus pass can be cheaper than using a car.  If you do have a car, you will be asked not to act as transportation for other girls as it enables them and can be a burden on you if the car breaks down. You will also be expected to produce a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance in your name.

FEMALE MENTOR/SPONSOR: Having a female mentor from a church or a female sponsor from AA/NA can be very helpful in trying times.  We want this to be a person who can meet with you at least once a week and who will steer you in the right direction and be a support after you leave our home.  You have 30 days to select this person.

CURFEW:  We would like to see you home by 6:00 pm.  We would like you to tell the house manager where you are planning to go the night before, and then to get these things done and then come home, documenting on your job contact form.  During the week, most appointments, etc. are done by 5:00 – 6:00.  If you have evening appointments, AA/NA, work or groups that get over at 6:00 or later please let us know, we will understand that you will be home later than 6:00.  We don’t want you in from work past 9:30 at night as this will interfere with the other schedules in the home and the 10:00 quiet time.

WHEREABOUTS: On your off times or on the weekends, we would like to know where you are going and most things will be approved unless there is outstanding circumstances.  We want to work with you to straighten out your life and get back on the right track, and we would like you to trust our insight. On job search we would like you to put in as many applications as you can before 6:00pm Monday-Friday, at least 4 contacts. A job contact is turning in an application to the manager, follow up if you submit an online application to call it a job contact.

GROUPS:  We would like you to attend a group or AA/NA outside of the home for your betterment but it is not mandated.  It will be tailored to your particular needs and one that will act as support when you leave our home.  Get a list of AA/NA groups or your church may have something that you would like to attend.

BIBLE STUDY:  Devotions are offered every morning Monday – Friday at 7:00 am and Bible Studies twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 pm.  We can be flexible, especially when they conflict with court ordered groups that ladies may need to attend or work schedules. In this case a Bible Study is also offered on Fridays at  8:00 am.

SOBER: You will be expected to be clean and sober at all times while staying at our home.  We may do random UA’s and BA’s if we suspect that you are using, or we may call your supervising authority and express our concerns if there are any.

ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIPS: We don’t honor any romantic relationships accept the marriage relationship.  If you are in a relationship with someone that is not your husband, father or brother, we may offer premarital counseling if this applies, but would discourage the relationship if marriage is not an option.  While we realize that some individuals can just be your friend, we also feel that relationships with members of the opposite sex can be a distraction that can take you away from focusing on what you need to do at this point in your life.  The call on a friendship relationship is at the discretion of the house manager/CEO, however she will try to be very open minded in this instance.

BUDGET:  We can lock up money over $20.00 that you might have for your personal expenses.  When you get a paycheck we would like to help you with a budget so that you can pay your program fees, meet your personal obligations (bringing receipts) and start saving for your own place.  One of our goals is that you become self-sufficient and saving for your own place is essential to being self-sufficient and on your own.  The home will not take anything beyond the $450.00 fee per month for their services.  Girls that get paid partially with tips may be asked to turn in their tips minus incidentals at the end of their shift to be budgeted when the rest of their pay comes in.  Your savings will start after your fees are caught up.

1 on 1s:  You will meet with the house manager/CEO once every two weeks to be sure you are complying with the above. Pastoral counseling is also offered at that time.

SUPERVISING AUTHORITY:  We consider probation, parole, and DHS (in child custody matters), to be supervising authorities.  We act as a non-profit that works to assist them in what they are trying to help you do in your life and accept their authority.  We cooperate with them fully, especially in matters of sobriety and searching of your personal belongings.  We consider their directives in helping you to set your goals and objectives.  They will be informed if you abscond.

TIME:  We expect you to be actively spending your time on seeking employment, working, things recommended by your supervising authority, or child visitations.

CHORES:  You will be given weekly chores and laundry days, as well as doing dishes. You will be expected to launder your own sheets and towels.  When you do your laundry, we allow only ½ to ¾ loads of laundry and one load in the dryer.  There will be no laundering of a few items as this is costly.  Everyone will do their chore; every two weeks we move your name down on the list of chores.  You may be asked to help out with a special project as well.  Many hands make light work.

MEDICATIONS:  You will be expected to take medications as prescribed.  Medication will be locked up for the good of the home and dispensed each morning or evening, recorded, giving you a 24 hour supply.  If you are taking over the counter or as needed medication (prn) these also will be locked up and dispensed.

If you have to go to a doctor or ER, please let them know that you are in a sober home and cannot take opiates or benzos and still remain in the home. Repeated visits to the ER will be discouraged and may be considered drug seeking.

MEDIA:  We try to maintain a positive atmosphere in the home and while you are welcome to listen to whatever music you would like to, we ask that it not be negative or not exalt a particular illegal activity,  and it not be excessively loud as to disturb the other women in the home.  At this time we have a computer that can be used for job search, however we do understand if you need to go to the library or other agencies that offer this service to those trying to get on their feet.

If you are fortunate enough to have a cell phone, we ask that you not use it during Bible studies, devotions, house meetings or between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am.  You will be asked to supply your contact number to the house manager.  If you cannot stay off of your phone between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, we will lock up your phone during those times and return it at 6:00 am.  We have a landline for the use of the home and job search.

WE:  recognize that there are three ways to recovery, Christian, 12-step and psychology based. However, we believe that recovery is sustained best with a relationship with Jesus Christ and other believers.  We believe that only  through the Gospel of Jesus Christ can a human heart be truly healed.  However we do not require belief or joining a particular church as a requirement for acceptance to the home.  Please be tolerant of the differences of the women in the home.

Although we try not to think about it, there are consequences for non-compliance.  If any of the following should occur, there will be consequences as follows.  30 days out:  Possession and/or use of alcohol or illegal drug on or off the premises, possession of stolen property, possession of any kind of weapon, violence or destructive behavior of any kind towards others, 20 hours of unauthorized absence.  Incident reports: Disobeying staff directives, negative attitude displays, possession of pornography, possession of prescription drugs beyond daily doses, disrespecting staff,  repeated profanity or vulgarity, incessant gossip, course or practical joking, curfew violations, policy violation.  Accumulation of three incident reports may also result in termination.  This is not exhaustive but should give you an idea of what is expected of you.

Phase 2: There will be no overnights during the first three months and then only with probation and house manager approval and with a family member i.e. husband, parents, child etc. in a sober environment.  After three months incident free you will have your curfew extended to 9:30 pm on non Bible Study nights, and you will be expected to tell the house manager where you are going ahead of time.

CHILD VISITATION: We do allow child visitations at our Morley Circle location that are prearranged with the house manager.  This visitation must not interfere with the participant’s work, meeting/group, or anything the house is doing, and must not be disruptive to the home.  If a child/children are left unattended or are disruptive to the home, you will be asked to make other arrangements to visit the child/children.  We are not a babysitting service and any children visiting must be accompanied by their parent at all times, never another program participant.

JOB SEARCH:  In first 15-30 days you will be expected to have 3-5 job contacts a day and to look for a job Mon-Fri and do nothing else but reintegration stuff, job search and court ordered stuff.  You will let the house manager know the night before where you are going and document on the job contact sheet where you have been calling in between 11:00 and 2:00.   If you need more job contact sheets we will give them to you. Individual or group counseling, UA’s, NA/AA meeting will count as one stop.  You will be given 15-30 days to find a job which is 30-40 hours a week.  After this time, if your fees are not paid, you could be dismissed from the program.

A job contact is giving the application to the manager.  Do not just pick up an application as this is not a job contact; then you will have to go back there to drop it off.  If you put in an online application, go to the location a few days later to check on the application when the manager is there.  This is also a job contact.    When you have found a job, you will share your work schedule with the house manager.

If you are terminated from the home you will be expected to leave right away.  You will be given 72 hours to pick up your belongings with the house manager present.  If your things are not gone in 72 hours, they may be donated to charity.

By signing this before a witness, I agree to follow the above to the best of my ability.  I realize that infractions of these guidelines can result in termination from  the home.

IF YOU ARE CONTACTING ME FROM CJC, Please note that the procedure is:

You send an application through Janet King’s office. I print it off and review it & I send you a program description at CJC.       You read the manual and write me back that you are willing to follow the program manual.  I visit you and interview you at CJC. I send you an acceptance letter that you can use in court to come to our home or I send you a letter with other resources that can better meet your needs. (I may at this point go to your sentencing to let them know that you are planning to enter our sober living home and to answer any questions they might have about our home. You call me on the cell number at the top of page one. I pick you up at CJC and you sign releases and enter the home.